Industrial-grade pressure from 15,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI.

Metco Industrial is a specialised provider of ultra high pressure water blasters, well suited to hydro-demolition and concrete surface preparation.

We offer our range of incredible products for short rental periods.

Metco Industrial

About Us

For over 30 years Metco has been at the forefront of innovation in the waterblasting industry. Using state of the art equipment and parts developed by world leading engineers in the field.Metco is dedicated to solving water blasting challenges faced by modern industry.

◎    We don’t just sell, we design, improve, retrofit, repair and even rent units
◎    Australian assembled and tested products
◎    Containerised or skid mounted systems designed to last
◎    Locally designed by highly experienced senior engineers

Our Team

For all your High Pressure Waterblasting enquiries please contact the team below or click the name of the person you wish to email.

Metco Industrial General Manager Norman Rhodes

For High Pressure Engineering / Workshop enquiries contact Tony Bates – Metco Industrial Engineering Workshop Manager

For High Pressure / Waterblasting unit rentals enquiries you can contact Rentals

For High Pressure / Waterblasting technical enquiries you can contact Brendan

For High Pressure / Waterblasting Spare Parts enquiries contact Sales

If you need to contact Metco Industrial Administration you can talk to Gicela

The dedicated team at Metco look forward to hearing how they can help you with your next job requirements, so you can get the results you need with a minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.

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Ultra High Pressure Water Blasters

Metco Industrial

We proudly remain wholly Australian owned and South Australian based. The business is solely focused on designing, manufacturing, selling, servicing and renting Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting units that are built tough, functional and super reliable to a client base spanning Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.