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Contract resources

Contract Resources - Silenced Container Metco A325 Skid

Custom Project Description

A long-time client and user of Metco UHP and Jetstream UHP Pump Solutions Contract Resources. Approached our team to engineer and design a custom UHP Solution.

They need a 325 HP water blasting solution manufactured into a containerized water jetting unit with sound reduction and equipment storage area.  Contract Resources had several UHP contracts in place that were working in an environment where excess noise would be an issue.

Project Start Date12.10.2020

Project End Date04.05.2021


Custom Engineering Process

Contract Resources provided our Engineering team with a very detailed brief of their requirements.  Including required PSI and Liter requirements, as well as dB sound levels that they needed to reach for their UHP projects.

A key component to this design was the ability to be able to silence the container as well as engineer enough storage space to accommodate an Aqua Cutter robot if required.

Drawings A325

Work Scope

Having the finished product painted in Contract Resources’ final colors was critical to finishing this product.

  • Manufacture containerized water jetting unit with sound reduction and equipment storage area
  • Use a soft mount system to reduce vibrations and flexing from the pump through to the container
  • Engineer louver ventilation system to allow the pump unit to run with all doors closed to minimize noise
  • Mount controls to the outside of the container and set it as pressure conversion-ready
  • Position pump mounting location with regard to container lifting and allow adequate storage space
  • Engineer storage space to accommodate Aqua cutter robot loading if required

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