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Rental Fleet - Trailer Mount Metco A150 Skid

Custom Project Description

As much as we love working with our customers to come up with unique, tailored UHP solutions.  Sometimes we need to do it for ourselves.  Our rental fleet was the customer this time.  We needed a way to bring mobility to our smaller 150 HP – to 200 HP range of UHP Skids.

The idea was simple build an A150 Skid and mount it to a trailer frame.  Giving our rental customers a very powerful UHP Pump that can be towed behind most standard work vehicles that have a 3.5T towing capacity.

Project Start Date12.05.2022

Project End9.9.2022

CategoryUHP Mobility

Custom Engineering Process

Being a project for our own rental fleet.  We got the stakeholders together who worked closely with our Engineer and design team. We need to be able to have a 150 HP engine with a Jetstream 3000 series pump.  Being capable of towing behind a standard work vehicle and providing 15K, 20K 40K PSI options.

Our engineering team got busy, redesigning the Metco A150 skid, taking as much weight out of it as possible. Then they designed a trailer chassis frame that complies with the latest Australian Design Regulations for trailers.

From there it was a simple matter of mounting the skid to the trailer and building a canopy that would safely and securely protect the skid.  Of course tool boxes would be needed for safely storing tooling and spare parts kits.

500 A150

Work Scope

Our stakeholders and engineer design team spent time working out exactly what they needed that would suit the UHP rental market.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • 150 HP – 200 HP capacity
  • 15K, 20K, 40K pump capacity
  • Towing capability under 3500 KGS
  • Austrailian Design Rules compliant.

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