In a world dependant on change for performance, safety and cost-effectiveness, Hydro Demolition is fast replacing traditional methods including Jackhammer and Milling methods. These traditional methods impaired concrete past required a depth of necessary removal by causing micro cracks in from vibration, cause damage to steel reinforcing leading to a decreased structure life and is known to have released harmful Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) dust in the process which can lead to lung disease.

Hydro-demolition tools are a faster more effective method allowing concrete to be removed with an Ultra High-Pressure Water Jet. This method maintains structure integrity by removing concrete to a required depth not causing damage to below structure, preserves and cleans steel reinforcing in the process and leaves a better surface for bonding.  It is ideal for removing a full slab of damaged concrete (Hydro Demolition), preparing a surface to apply new concrete (Hydro Scabbling) or removing a section of concrete (Partial Hydro demolition) it is a dustless process which also causes less noise than traditional methods.

Hydro-demolition can be conducted with Hand Held Water Jet Equipment or various specialised Robotic equipment. Robotic equipment is becoming more popular with the ability to complete work 25 times faster than jackhammer methods. Robotics are increasing safety over handheld water jet equipment with the operator away from direct contact with Water Jet danger area and removes operator fatigue through exerting body forces against reaction force of equipment. No ground vibrations and no sparks allow for safe demolition where traditional methods cannot be employed.

Metco Industrial is a specialised provider of ultra high-pressure water blasters, well suited to hydro-demolition and concrete surface preparation.