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A150 Trailer Mount


Project Description

Power Pumping as a long-term user of Metco UHP Pumps has existing UHP Skid mount units in their fleet. As business needs change so does the specification and configuration of fleet.

UHP Mobility is paramount to get to those out-of-the-way places.  Power Pumping saw our own A150-40-TD UHP Trailer. Then approached us about converting an A150 Skid mount into a trailer unit.  Something they could tow behind a standard work vehicle.

Another successful project was completed by the engineering and design team in our Adelaide facility.

Project Start Date02.04.2023

Project End Date15.07.2023



Once we were engaged by the customer and fully understood their requirements. Which were to turn the existing A150 Skid Mount unit into a trailerised version.  It was then a matter of working out what needed to be done to the existing unit.

As well as identifying what were the Australian Design Rules that applied to the trailer and the associated mass it was carrying.

Power Pumping Metco A150 Trailer

Work Scope

We identified the below as the main points that we need to ensure we designed a suitable custom solution.

  • Provide a trailer suited to mount the customer’s existing A150 Metco skid unit to
  • Trailer built by local trailer manufacturer, carry out engineering and fabrication modification to bare trailer in-house to accommodate welded mounts for A150 skid base
  • Pump mounted in position for best weight distribution with soft mount system
  • ADR-compliant upper clearance lights fitted to the pump frame
  • New shortened pump roof fitted to aid in access to low clearance work sites (undercover car park areas)
  • The pump control panel position lowered for ergonomic operator use
  • General service and repair of the pump unit

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