Abrasive Water Jet Cutting - Surface Prep & Cleaning

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Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
Pipe Cleaning
Surface Prep & Cleaning

Abrasive water jet cutting is a process using special tools capable of slicing into metal or other materials using a jet of water at a high velocity and pressure, or by using a mixture of water and an abrasive substance.

Due to the self-cooling attributes and lack of an ignition source, abrasive cutting is a safer method of cutting in potentially explosive atmospheres or around flammable materials, such as in gas-line construction and maintenance applications. Using abrasive water jet cutting on metal surfaces allows for the metal to be unharmed and unchanged.

Relevant industries for abrasive water jet cutting

  • Construction
  • Power generation (coal or nuclear)
  • Marine
  • Petrochemical

In a large variety of industrial applications, the use of pipes to transfer material to a different location is a standard practice. These materials can vary dramatically from application to application; however, no matter the substance, most pipes need to be cleaned, and high-pressure water blasting is an effective process to maintain the efficiency of these pipes.

Relevant industries for pipe cleaning

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Oil field
  • Cement

Do you need to prepare or clean a hard surface, such as asphalt, concrete, or metal? Water blasting is a solution that allows the integrity of the surface to be unfazed by high-pressure water cleaning. The use of high-pressure water blasting for surface prep and surface cleaning can eliminate rust, old coatings, product residue or even damaged concrete prior to re-pouring.

In addition, water jetting can provide a revitalized surface, making it possible for new coatings to adhere without old particles impeding the surface area.

Relevant industries for surface prep and surface cleaning

  • Airports
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Pool Surface Prep

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