The Jetstream Drilljet is the most compact tube cleaning nozzle in the industry allowing for complete cleaning of U-Tube style heat exchangers.

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The Jetstream DrillJet™ utilizes Jetstream DNA water-bearing technology to eliminate any need for seals, bearings, or lubricants, creating a bulletproof tube cleaning tool.

DrillJet™ nozzles are assembled from just three components: the nozzle body, rotor, and retention cap. The compact design enables these nozzles to navigate and clean tubes in U-Bend style heat exchangers, a task nearly impossible for mechanical cleaning methods.

Use a universal 6-Jet configuration for standard cleaning and polishing or a powerful unplugging 7-Jet configuration for blasting through tough build-ups and blockages with ease.

Dial in the most efficient cycle time for heat exchanger cleaning and other small-diameter tube cleaning applications with a wide selection of flow rates and sizes.


  • Sizes available: 9.5 mm, 13 mm, 18mm, 24mm, and 33 mm.
  • Industry-standard inlets and various orifice configurations are available for working pressures up to 22,000 psi (1500 bar).
  • Clean tubes as tight as 0.47 inches (12 mm) up to 2.40 inches (61 mm)
  • 8 gpm (17 lpm) up to 47 gpm (178 lpm)
  • As compact as 1.54″ overall length (9.5mm nozzles).


  • Most compact tube cleaning nozzles in the industry allow for complete cleaning of U-Tube-style heat exchangers.
  • The Front Cap prevents debris from slowing the rotation of the nozzle so cleaning never stops.
  • In 7-Jet configurations, the hard-hitting 0° nozzle unplugs even the toughest material.
  • Designed for unplugging, cleaning, and polishing tubes found in heat exchangers and industrial tube bundles.
  • Water bearing design – no bearings, seals, or lubricants to replace.


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