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Jetstream 4200 Series UNX Pump

Known as the workhorse of the waterblast world.  The Jetstream 4200 series UNx™ Pump dominates the field with innovative manufacturing, ductile iron power frames, heat-treated billet alloy steel crankshafts, and the largest bearings of any comparable pump.

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Well established as the reliable staple of industrial cleaning, the 4200 series of Jetstream pumps have the power to tackle difficult jobs and reliable performance that contractors and plants can count on.

Quickly change between operating pressures for any Jetstream 3600 or 4200 UNx™ Pump with additional fluid ends. Conversions take only minutes and are available for pressures as low as 6,800 psi (469 bar) up to 40,000 psi (2750 bar).

This is the pump available on Metco rental fleet water blasting units or as a stand-alone pump for those building their system or replacing a complicated, worn, or unreliable pump.


  • Wide range of flow and pressure combinations
  • Three plungers (triplex) design
  • Plunger stroke length 4.25 in (108 mm)
  • Max Power Input 325 HP (242 kW)
  • 73.5 gpm at 6,800 psi (278 l/min at 469 bar)
  • 11.9 gpm at 40,000 psi (45 l/min at 2750 bar)
  • Max Frame Load 17, 750 ib (79 kW)
  • Total weight 1800 lb (820 kg)
  • Pump Oil Capacity 9 gal (34 L)


  • Quickly change between pressures in the field with different Jetstream UNx™ Fluid End packages
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance with quick change packing and valves
  • The ductile iron power frame is the strongest in the industry
  • Crankshaft machined from high-tech forged alloy for superior performance at higher power input
  • Largest bearings of any comparable pump on the market


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