H3 Oribiter

The H3Orbiter™ is a 3D waterblast tool designed to clean tanks, rail cars, totes, vessels, autoclaves, ducts, and reactor interiors with working pressures up to 22,000PSI and flows from 10 to 80 gpm.

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Many rotating tools offer only a single axis of rotation, while the H3Orbiter™ operates on two axis to deliver powerful waterblast jets to every surface within a vessel.

An easily adjustable, maintenance-free magnetic braking system controls the rotation speed along with a selection of manifolds for different flow ranges.

The complete H3Orbiter cleaning cycle varies from 4 to 30 minutes depending on rotation speed, which is set by the pressure, flow rate, nozzle diameter, manifold choice, and brake settings. When used in large vessels, extension arms up to 36 inches long can be used to keep the rotating nozzle jets near the surface for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Using an optional Kick Plate and centralizer cage attachment, the H3Orbiter™ can also clean pipe through self-generated forward movement with each 180° rotation.

With a narrow overall diameter for use in small hatches, the Jetstream H3Orbiter™ conquers industrial cleaning challenges with speed and accuracy you can depend on.


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