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Power And Energy

Ultra High-Pressure water jetters are being used in a wide range of applications from commercial, domestic, and industrial. Sometimes it can make sense to own a unit outright.

Metco Industrial can provide ultra-high-pressure pumping solutions up to 40 000 psi, with many different options available. When coupled with a range of hydro demolition specialist equipment and a full range of pressure cleaning tooling options available. You are guaranteed to find a solution that works.

It does not matter if your project is big or small, talking to our sales team today will guarantee that you will find the right solution.

With many different finance options available to own an Ultra High-Pressure water blasting solution. Our factory-trained specialist sales team is available to consult with you on your next project.

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We can help you with a range of UHP Pumps, from 150 HP, 325HP, 400 HP, 600HP, and 700 HP Ultra High-Pressure water pumps,   Built-in skids, trailers, or containerized variations, at 15 K, 20 K, and 40 K options.

We also supply a full range of tooling, accessories, and operator PPE so you can be sure of finding a solution for you.

Contact us today, to make sure you choose the ultra high-pressure pump model that best suits your needs and budget.

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