Being at the forefront of water blasting technology is what makes Metco an expert in the water blasting equipment and services industry. Working with top of the range brands such as Terydon, give us the ability to provide our customers with the cutting edge technology they need to effectively complete a wide range of jobs.


Terydon has over 20 years’ experience, development and design knowledge of ultra-high pressure cleaning and cutting across varying surfaces. They have 14 years in designing and manufacturing high pressure water-jet systems, accessories and tooling.

Working with experts in manufacturing such Terydon allows us at Metco to provide our customers with a range of all-inclusive systems, specially developed and fine-tuned for a variety of situations and everyday challenges.

Terydon provides a comprehensive range of products that are easily adapted to individual and specific needs including:

  • Special Applications – systems and products specifically designed and adapted for any type of situation.
  • Cutting – multi-plane high precision water-jet abrasive cutting for flexibilityonsite.
  • Nozzles – a variety of diameters and angles for a variety of needs that can be machined tosuit different requirements.
  • Surface Preparation – versatile cleaning and polishing capabilities for a variety of surfaces. Long lasting, replaceable and interchangeable.
  • Tube/Duct/Pipe Cleaning – on the job flexibility with varying diameters, special designs and unlimited lengths.

Terydon gives us the adaptability, creativity and the latest advancements in technology, so we can offer our customers innovative and flexible on-site solutions to a wide range of situations.

This extremely successful blend of practical real world applications combined with state of the art technology, provides cost effective, convenient tools and accessories that are able to face any challenge with reliable precision.

If it’s adaptable and flexible on-site water blasting equipment and accessories you’re looking for, contact us at Metco. We can help with the full range of Terydon products to suit your specific needs and offer you the precision and reliability to get the job you need done in the most effective way possible.

Give us a call at Metco today and ask us how we can help you.