Water blast equipment for industrial cleaning

Metco Industrial distributes StoneAge products across Australia and globally. StoneAge provides market-leading industrial water blast cleaning products and solutions.

Exchanger Cleaning

The StoneAge AutoBox ABX-2L is an automated system for “hands-free” heat exchanger tube cleaning applications. It was designed with an emphasis on safety, ease of setup, portability and reliability. When paired with StoneAge Banshee rotary tube cleaning nozzles and the new lightweight positioner, the AutoBox ABX-2L is a turn-key solution for safe and efficient tube cleaning in the harshest exchanger environments


  • Lightweight, modular design allows a single operator to move, set-up and run
  • Fits hose sizes from 3/2 to 6/4, with adjustable pitch for many tube sizes
  • Independent forward/reverse speed control from 0.2-2.8 ft/sec (6.1-85cm/sec)
  • Quick-swap rollers can be changed without tools to accommodate different hose sizes
  • Remotely adjustable hose clamp pressure allows operator to adapt to changing conditions and minimize hose wear
  • Guide tube assembly includes multiple collets for reliable anti-withdrawal protection
  • Dual side access doors to simplify roller changes and maintenance
  • All components are high quality stainless steel, aluminium or plastic to withstand corrosive environments
  • New compact Control Box features ergonomic, low effort control levers and pneumatic dump switch

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Tracked Striker

The Tracked Striker adds mobile positioning, wireless control, and increased thrust to the Striker system for safe, high powered automated surface cleaning. Wireless remote control gives the operator complete freedom of movement to maintain line of sight while enabling precision control of the shotgun nozzle from safely outside the blast zone. The steerable tracked base allows for continuous cleaning without needing to stop for repositioning, making the Tracked Striker the ideal solution for pad work.


  • Highly versatile system – enables safe, precise shotgun cleaning on blast pads, walkways and platforms, inside vessels, boilers and other difficult to access locations
  • Remotely steerable tracked base allows for continuous cleaning without needing to stop for repositioning
  • Wireless controller allows freedom of movement and continuous line of sight
  • Modular design – adapts to a wide range of applications with interchangeable base options and plug-and-play accessories
  • Full shotgun wrist articulation – rotation and flex allows for precise positioning of shotgun jets to clean intricate surfaces
  • All the capability of complicated, expensive robotic systems at half the price
  • CE Certified

HWB Storage Reel

Protect your hoses while improving job site safety. The HWB safely stores hoses, easily moves from job to job and reduces trip hazards.

Featuring StoneAge rotary couplings, these reels can accommodate pressures up to 40k psi (hose must be extended prior to use). Air or hydraulic powered rewind systems available. Hose not included.


  • Can be used with various hose sizes and pressure ratings up to 40k psi/2800 bar
  • Shipped fully assembled