The Metco Industrial refurbishment program is second to none. The Metco brand is symbolic with long-lasting durability.

So we’ve developed a world-class refurbishment program not only for our own Ultra high-pressure cleaning equipment and accessories but also for a wide range of makes and models on the market.

With the Metco certified refurbishment process, we use the same high-quality parts, standard and specifications as the original manufacturing process.

Which means we try to retire the equipment to a like-new or better condition which enhances performance and extend product life

Before the Metco nameplate is attached to any ultra high-pressure cleaners. You can be sure that our technicians have taken it through a rigorous refurbishment process.

Starting with an honest evaluation of the equipment to see that it should, in fact, be a candidate for refurbishment.

Each piece of equipment goes through a rigorous process including:

  • Steam cleaning - All grease, oils, and dirt is removed
  • Disassembly of major components - We take apart all major components, for cleaning and inspection with a replacement process followed if required
  • Shot Blasting/Magnafluxing/Crack testing - All essential components are cleaned, welds inspected, and possible defects and cracks identified.
  • Repairs and refurbishment - All parts are either repaired or replaced to meet all factory specifications
  • Hydraulics - All hydraulic hoses, cylinders and valves are tested and replaced if required.
  • Reassembly and testing - All components are reassembled, tested and checked for conformance to Metco industrial standards.
  • Function and load testing - We want to make sure that the equipment is reliable.
  • Painting - We paint either in a final manufacture colour or as a base primer for your own colour preference.

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