TRHC - Metco Industrial is proud to partner with Jetstream, the global leading provider of water blasting pumps and tooling products and solutions. TRHC - Metco Industrial distributes Jetstream product range across Australia and Pacific region.

What is Jetstream

Jetstream was originally founded in 1976 and has now pioneered many industry standard industrial cleaning and surface prep solutions.

Jetstream remains at the leading edge of the water blast equipment industry, offering the best design and manufacturing, productivity, safety, ease of operation and maintenance, value, and quality in the industry.

All of the Jetstream tooling is water lubricated, meaning ease of use and reduces maintenance time required.

METCO - Jetstream Partner
METCO - Jetstream Partner

TRHC - Metco Industrial and Jetstream Partnering Together

As TRHC - Metco Industrial is a leading provider of ultra high pressure cleanding and hydro demolition in the Australial Pacific region.

Jetstream tools and products are used in a wide selction of UHP and HP Metco Industrial pumps.

With Australia having some of the highest standards required for Hydro demolition. Aquajet’s Hydro demolition robots have performed and been approved according to all Australian standards.

METCO - Jetstream Partner

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