Jetstream Tube Spinners are self-rotating ID tube polishing in heat exchangers and other narrow-diameter tubes that operate on Jetstream’s water-bearing technology for simple, powerful cleaning. 

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The Jetstream Tubespinners are rated for 15,000 psi (1034 bar) to 20,000 psi (1379 bar), the nozzle is self-propelling and can be used on either rigid or flexible tube cleaning lances.

The front nozzle blasts free large deposits and pulls the tool down the line while two 90° jets from the self-rotating sleeve clean and polish in a single pass.

Tube Spinners Nozzles are assembled from only three components: the nozzle body, a replaceable sleeve, and the front nozzle for simplicity and low maintenance.

No oil or other complex systems are needed. Tube Spinners can be stacked together for additional flow and increased cleaning capability, or combined with Jetstream Drilljets™ to clear blockages more efficiently.

When deposits and blockages hinder heat exchanger efficiency, Jetstream Tube Spinners always deliver superior results in record time.


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