Rotomag X22

The Jetstream RotoMag™ X22 and X22N are 2-D self-powered rotating tools designed for cleaning stacks, sewer lines, drains, tanks, on-line boilers, and other large-diameter pipes.

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The Jetstream Rotomag X22 is designed to spin on a film of high-pressure water using Jetstream water-bearing technology.  The tool has no bearings to fail or oil reservoirs to maintain.  This means servicing in the field is simple and fast.

Using a maintenance-free magnetic braking system moderates the rotational speed of the tool.  Which eliminates the need for lubricating oils or friction plates for ease of use.

With a total of 8 nozzle ports the RotoMag X22 can be configured in a variety of patterns to operate at 22,000 psi or 15,000 psi with an adapter to achieve optimum flow and rotation speed for every job.


  • Maximum operating pressure 22,000 psi (1517 bar)
  • Maximum flow rate 80 gpm (303 lpm)
  • 3/4″ MP Female inlet connection
  • Clean pipes ranging from 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) to 60 inches (152 cm) in diameter.
  • Rotation speed from 50 to 300 rpm
  • RotoMag™ X22 (1/2″ – 28 UNEF ports) uses Tungsten Carbide RM Series nozzles, Sapphire RMS Series nozzles, or Synthetic Diamond RMD Series nozzles
  • RotoMag™ X22N (1/4″ NPT ports) uses Tungsten Carbide P4TC Series or steel JS4F or JS4FD nozzles.
  • Assembled weight 6 lbs (2.7 kg)


  • Maintenance-free magnetic braking system controls rotational speed.
  • 5-minute replacement of worn components in the field with Rebuild kits using only two standard hex wrenches.
  • Oil and lubricant-free.
  • 8 nozzle ports with many possible configurations.
  • Accessories such as tow rings, centralizers, and extension arms are available.


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