Metco A400 UHP Skid

The Metco A400 Ultra High-Pressure skid is fitted with a Jetstream Pump fluid end.  Which has the best-in-class serviceability. With components that can be accessed easily. The pump can be safely rotated by hand, to service packing.

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In high ambient temperatures, engines can de-rate which will result in decreased output from the pump. The Metco pump set can maintain performance in high ambient temperatures.

Fitted with a Cummins low-emission diesel engine, full pump capacity is ensured even on a hot day when others may struggle.

What about the pump

The Jetstream pump can tolerate hotter water than its competitors due to its robust design and high inlet charge pressure. Paired with Metco’s control system grants a greatly improved service life.

What about the engine

Common rail engines demand clean fuel to avoid costly repairs. All Metco pumps use Diesel fuel spec high-density polyethylene
(marine spec) fuel tanks. These tanks will never suffer from rust, acid corrosion, or fatigue cracking like steel or aluminum.

What about the frame

The pump skid frame is extremely rigid and flex-free. This ensures long life from the pump drive coupling and exhibits no alarming vibration problems that may be experienced with other pump sets. Greatly reducing the risk of component failure.

With easy access to all serviceable engine and pump components. In the event of major service work, the pump skid has been fitted with fork pockets to enable safe handling of the pump skid.


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