MagDart X40

The MagDart™ X40 blasts through tough materials in 2″ – 6″ pipes like polymers, coke, coatings, and latex at 43,000 psi (3000 bar). Jetstream’s maintenance-free magnetic braking system controls rotation speed for effective cleaning and reduced streaking.

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The MagDart X40 will cut through blockages with Unplugger heads or leave a pristine finish with Polisher heads to complete any job.

The MagDart™ is self-powered with the correct nozzle configuration and is also compatible with industry-standard automation equipment.

A patented seal cartridge allows 5-minute field rebuilds for improved uptime. Tackle different sizes of pipes with centralizer accessories to fine-tune the performance of the tool.

No matter how tough the challenge is, keep cleaning with maximum efficiency on every job with Jetstream.


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